Watch: Ludo and Luca Make a Fiery Crepes Suzette

In the latest installment of Ludo à la Maison, Ludo Lefebvre has some thoughts about crepes. “It’s like a French taco,” he says. Why is that, exactly? “You can do whatever you want with a crepe. You have a base, and then you play with it.”

Make sure to watch this episode for Ludo’s spectacular recipe to satisfy your afternoon sweet tooth.

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Trois Mec: New Table Release Calendar

Trois Mec is open Monday – Friday and tables are now available ONE MONTH in advance. Upcoming ticket release dates:

  • Friday 2/2 for 2/19-3/2
  • Friday 2/16 for 3/5-3/16
  • Friday 3/2 for 3/19-3/30
  • Friday 3/16 for 4/2-4/13
  • Friday 3/30 for 4/16-4/27
  • Friday 4/13 for 4/30-5/11
  • Friday 4/27 for 5/14-5/25

To get the latest info on tickets and availability, you can visit the official Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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Watch Ludo And Luca Lefebvre Make A Classic Omelette

The father and son duo head into the kitchen and whip up a Lefebvre classic, the omelette. Made with eggs, butter (yes, tons of it), salt and pepper, getting the proper technique is everything for this dish. In the Lefebvre household, you learn these necessary techniques at a really young age.

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Grilled Lamb Chops & Jardinière de Légumes

Join Ludo in his kitchen as he takes you step by step through a delicious recipe for lamb chops and jardinière de legumes and shares some funny stories.

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Butter and Rosemary Brushed Rotisserie Chicken

Ludo shows you how to make his favorite rotisserie chicken and smashed potatoes with a little help from @lucaeats.

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LudoBites: Recipes and Stories from the Pop-Up Restaurants of Ludo Lefebvre

Now On Sale! This cookbook chronicles of the visionary, charismatic chef Ludo Lefebvre and his cult hit pop-up restaurant, LudoBites, worshiped by critics and foodies alike.

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